About Us

Youth Science Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve science and math education to individuals of all ages. Utilizing research tested and verified teaching and learning strategies, educators and mathematicians across the globe almost unanimously agree that the best way for a student to learn science and math is to spend as much time as possible using science and math principles to solve the types of problems that a student will be tested on or experience in daily life.  While learning mathematics and science is one task, an even greater task is to understand how to use science and math in daily activities.  Again, educators strongly agree on a common methodology, the constructivist model, as a way to build new science and math skills using the science and math skills that a student already knows.  While it may not be readily obvious to most, but students already understand a lot about science and math. This program offers a simple yet highly effective model that ensures that every student will spend the maximum amount of time working and solving science and math problems.   Additionally, the problems will be presented in a way that builds on what the student already knows, thus making doing science and math fun and less intimidating.

Our Mission

YSA is dedicated to reforming lives forever at all grade levels creating life-long learners in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), by exposing all students at all grade levels to STEM, ensuring STEM achievement and equity for all utilizing the foundations of Scientific Knowledge.