SMEA's Wacky Fun science club

Brigning the science lab to our future scientist by way of the SMEA Wacky Fun Science Club!  Learn, be curious and expose the fun of science.


Duration & Cost:

SMEA’s Wacky Fun Science Club requires a minimum of 6 weeks to do a science club.  Each club is one hour a day, one day a week.  The cost to participate is $10 per student which includes all materials and enrichment activities.


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Theme 1:  Let’s think like scientist, but first what is science? 

Theme 2:  Let’s be UV safe!

Theme 3:  Volcanic eruption!

Theme 4:  Let’s make slime!

Theme 5:  Let’s build a car that runs on H2O!

Theme 6: Let’s build wind turbines!

Theme 7: Let’s build wind turbines!

Theme 8:  Let’s dissect!

Theme 9:  Let’s dissect!

Theme 10:  Let’s create static electricity!